We partner with local companies that provide plastic processing, machining, press work, sheet metal processing, casting, and other services to allow us to provide a wide range of processes from designing and prototyping to finished product production.


"GLIT" Joint Contractor
M.TECH belongs to the [Hitachi Risshijuku], a group consisting mainly of young managers from within Ibaraki Prefecture, and participates in the group's [Advanced Technology Research Group] that specializes in prototype development.
The [Advanced Technology Research Group] works together with universities, hospitals, research organizations, and companies to formulate ideas and assist with commercialization from the prototyping stage in the three main areas of medical and caregiving, aerospace, and renewable energy.
There are 12 member companies (as of April 2022) that have equipment to support prototyping to mass production and continuously work on developing new technologies.
This allows us to give form to your ideas as a one-stop provider for the manufacture of parts and jigs to devices, products, and units.
Please visit this website for details (link in the logo).

Note that in July 2015, name of the Advanced Technology Research Group was changed to "GLIT" Joint Contractor.
GLIT is the abbreviation for Guild for Leading Innovative Technology.

Our Mission
Improve value-added and technology through collaboration to increase employment through business creation leading to vitalization of the local community.

Disinfectant solution standDisinfectant solution stand

sodium hypochlorite fumigatorSodium hypochlorite fumigator