High-Precision Machining Resources


M.TECH specializes in the precision machining of small parts using NC lathes. We can machine parts from Φ1.0 to 32.0mm with a maximum length of approximately 300mm. The materials we handle include carbon steel, free-cutting steel, stainless steel, brass, copper alloys, aluminum, and titanium. In particular, we can machine stainless steel SUS303 with the tolerance range of 5㎛, circularity of 2㎛, and coaxiality of 5㎛ for both inside and outside diameters. Currently we use 64 titanium materials in the manufacture of bone screws and implants. Further, we partner with local companies that provide plastic processing, machining, press work, sheet metal processing, casting, and other services to allow us to provide a wide range of processes from designing and prototyping to finished product production.


Manufacturer Model Max diameter(φ) Unit Qty. Processing Performance
Citizen M32-V 32 4 Good at complicated shapes and precision and medical equipment parts
Citizen M20-V 20 1 Good at complicated shapes and precision and medical equipment parts
Citizen L32-Ⅶ 32 11 Precision Automotive parts, connectors such as mass production possible.
Citizen L32-Ⅷ 32 2 Flexibly corresponds to various machining, from simple machining to complex machining
Citizen L20-ⅫB5 20 2 The latest NC unit is installed. This enables simultaneous 5-axis control, and machining of contoured surfaces with highly flexible tool movements.
Citizen BL20-Ⅴ 20 1 Short of for precision parts.
Citizen A20-Ⅶ 20 4 For precision parts (with LFV function)
Citizen R07-Ⅵ 7 1 Small parts for precision machine.
Miyano BND-34 34 1 High precision short processing machine spindle fixed type.
NANO MTS3S 6 1 Small NC lathe.
NANO MTS3S-M 6 1 Originally developed compact NC lathe.
Washino,Katsukira,etc 5L-MⅢ,etc 11 Lathe, NC lathe, A bench lathe
Hitachi,Mikuni,etc 7 Drilling machine, tapping machine
NISSEI BG-14H 40 1 Centerless grinding machine
PMG,HONDA,etc 4 Ultrasonic cleaning machine, electromagnetic barrel machine


Manufacturer Model Unit Qty. Processing Performance
Mitsutoyo SV-C600 1 CNC shape measurement and surface roughness measuring instrument
ACCRETECH RONDCOM54DX3 1 CNC roundness measuring instrument
SURFCOM NEX 1 Complete Measurement of Surface Texture and Contour in One Equipment
KEYENCE VHX-1000 1 Digital Microscope
IM6225 1 Image Dimension Measuring System
Mitsutoyo 2 Profile projector